This is a made to order custom DC-15s blaster pistol side arm prop. This prop is assembled from a 3-D printed PLA plastic and is then weathered. I also take the time to add a high gloss metal effect through out the prop to make it look like the original prop. The unfinished kit option is for a printed set of parts which you can assemble and paint on your own.


I offer both wood reinforced (lightweight) and steel rod reinforced (Heavy realistic weight)


Alot of love goes into this process and I believe it really comes out in the final product! 

The results may vary slightly from item to item since this is a made to order product.


Republic Commando DC-15s Blaster Pistol Side Arm Custom Star Wars Replica Prop

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$67.97Sale Price
  • The DC-15s blaster pistol side arm was a design that fired charged plasma bolts. While not as powerful as regular DC-15's, the DC-15s was handy in close-quarters situations, or when conserving ammo was necessary. The DC-15s had a recharge rate of one round per second and was capable of seven consecutive shots with energy fully recharged; after seven shots, the user had to wait for recharge of energy for at least one shot to fire again.