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Star Wars inspired
for Sale

Star Wars Blasters
interpretations for Sale at Imperial Arms

Feel the Force

Feel yourself become part of a far away universe with a range of inspired Star Wars Blasters. Explore a range of handcrafted equipment with rugged style and functionality. Imperial Arms offers custom-made inspired by Star Wars prop guns at budget-friendly rates for all. We use advanced 3D printing techniques on all our props for improved durability and strength.

Browse a range of inspired by Star Wars gun props ideal for cosplays, fan films, displays, costumes, movie making, or battle reenactments. These high-quality, lightweight props will incredibly complement your cosplay and inspired by Star Wars armor. These inspired  by Star Wars cosplay blasters have a high degree of originality, quality, and detail.

High-Quality Rifles
and Carbines

Custom-Made inspired by Star Wars Blaster Props 

Our classic and functional inspired by Star Wars gun replicas are made with advanced 3-D  engineered modeling and printing techniques. Through these revolutionary modeling and printing techniques, we are able to produce complex props with detailed geometries that look and feel exactly like the original. At the same time, the props are highly durable. We offer both Premium and Budget options to fit your budget. The Premium model versions are carefully sanded and painted and have an authentic and superior finish. At first glance, no one can distinguish our Star Wars blasters from the actual ones. They suit the tastes of even the most discerning collectors. 

Budget versions of our props have a subtly textured printed surface. It gives them a rugged charm and make a fine addition to your collection. These blaster pistols of Star Wars are perfect options for those on a budget. They are also an ideal choice for those who desire props with greater functionality.

Buy Authentic
Star Wars Blaster Props Today!

It is time to feel yourself become one with the force and make your dreams come true as you join stormtroopers, clone troopers, and other characters of the Star Wars Universe with our blasters in hand. At Imperial Arms, we have been dedicated to creating the best possible movie props ever since releasing our first prop; Director Krennic’s DT-29. Since that day we have consistently strived to produce the highest grade prop sidearms, rifles, carbines, and helmets possible. 

We are consistently innovating and implementing new, modeling, printing and painting techniques along with more machines. Our skilled craftsmen pour their heart into creating props exactly according to the wishes and expectations of our clients. 

If you’d like to order one for yourself or a loved one, contact us today.

We offer an array of custom blaster rifle and carbine props and replicas, from our world famous Stormtrooper Imperial E-11 and Clone Trooper DC-15A to the inspired by Star Wars blaster rifles from Republic Commando and the Mandalorian. The options are endless. These rifles and carbines will have you feeling immersed in all sides of the Star Wars universe. All of the Star Wars gun props are made-to-order. It ensures you always receive a distinct piece for yourself or your loved ones.

Defining Features of Our Star Wars Blaster Rifle Props

Re-create scenes from the Star Wars saga with Star Wars blasters. Our props allow you to re-live all the moments from this tale of good versus evil. Shop from a variety of props and grow your Star Wars collection.


Our products are authentic and highly detailed, so you get the most out of your money. Create scenes and adventures from the Star Wars universe with ease. The high-quality props have the following features.

  • The props are as per the standards of the 501st Legion. So you can be sure that what you will hold will look like nothing less than an authentic part of your cosplay and collection.

  • Each Star Wars gun replica is printed with high-quality PLA plastic that gives them great dimensional accuracy.

  • Our props are designed to mimic the original on-screen weapons perfectly.

  • These blasters come fully assembled with actual screws. This removes the hassles of assembling the piece.

  • Some come with different types of wood and texture effects that physically and visually grab you on our Star Wars blaster props. This imparts a superior grip. 

  • We make use of the best quality primers and paints on all the premium models to ensure the finest results.

  • Some of these Star Wars cosplay blasters have metal springs, giving them added functionality. 

  • All of our props are fully safe and do not fire. They come with blaze orange barrel plugs.

  • These gun custom replica props are either wood or steel-reinforced, with features like real wires, folding foregrip, working tac-light, and rubberized stock butt. The prop, after being assembled from the PLA plastic, are then weathered. 

  • Our Star Wars blasters for sale are hyper-detailed and stunning, with prices to match.

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