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Introducing our custom-made, 1:1 scale Captain Fordo DC-17 blaster prop from the Tartakovsky Clone Wars side of the Star Wars universe, created with advanced 3D printing techniques for enhanced durability and toughness. Now available in two options to choose from: Premium Model and Budget Model. We've listened to our customers' feedback and have made significant improvements to our products, ensuring that the current offerings exceed expectations. The Budget Model option features a slightly textured printed surface, giving it a rugged charm while still retaining the overall appearance of the prop, making it a good budget option for those who are more concerned with functionality. The Premium Model version is meticulously sanded and painted, providing a superior, authentic-looking finish that elevates the prop's realism and makes it well worth the additional investment for discerning collectors and enthusiasts. (See ad pic for a visual description of the surface differences)


● 501st Friendly
● 3D printed in high-quality PLA plastic
● Steel Rod Inside
● All real and accurate screws
● Spring-loaded Sliding Mechanisms
● Sliding spring parts
● Magnetic ammo clip
● Moving spring loaded trigger
● Twirl Gaurd
● Realistic weathered finish on both versions
● Premium Model: Sanded and painted for a smoother, more realistic surface
● Budget Model: Unsanded and unpainted, with a rougher surface texture
● Includes blaze orange barrel plug for safety
● Made to order for a unique, one-of-a-kind piece

● Weight: 0.8 lbs.  (0.362 kg)
● 15 inches (38.1 cm) in length from Barrel tip to rear of grip


***We use expensive, high quality primers and paints on the 'Premium Models' for the best results!***


As each blaster is custom-made to order, please allow for an extended production time, which may vary depending on the specific item. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Please note that due to the custom nature of our products, we cannot accept cancellations, refunds or returns. If you have any questions or need additional information, please don't hesitate to contact us. Past reviews may not fully reflect the current quality of our products, as we continuously strive to enhance your experience with our blasters.

Captain Fordo DC-17 Custom Star Wars Blaster Prop

$329.97 Regular Price
$247.48Sale Price
  • The commando DC was class of powerful designs utilized by elite or specialized units in various militaries, particularly by the belligerent factions of the Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War. Capable of great rates of sustained fire and low recoil, they were in general designed for greater efficiency than average designs. This was in part due to the fact that many commando designs were merely heavily modified or upgraded versions of the standard issue setups in various militaries, a notable exception being the DC-17 single hand. In this capacity, they were commonly issued specialized units during the Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War and associated with elite soldiers.

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