This is a 'limited run' made to order custom E-22 R1 Rogue One Star Wars blaster prop. Our E-22 R1 was designed to include as many functions and screen accurate detail as possible. It has a really decent weight to it since I added a steel rod running from front to back internally. IF YOU DONT WANT A HEAVY BLASTER THEN LEAVE ME A NOTE AT CHECKOUT SO I CAN ACCOMMODATE YOU :)


Length: 32 Inches (812.8 mm)


This item will be fully sanded, smoothed and painted.

‣ Includes Sling Strap
‣Working Glow-rod (Flashlight)
‣All Real and Accurate Screws
‣Rubberized Stock Butt
‣Numbered Hengstler Counter
‣Steel rod for added Weight and Strength
‣Magnetic Ammo Clip
‣Moving Trigger
‣Moving Safety Switch w/ Aurebesh Text
‣Glass Scope Lens with Graphic
‣Fully assembled with *REAL* screws
‣Knurled Texture Grip
‣Acorn and Flathead bolts in Grip


To be clear this ad is for a finished and built blaster that is ready to enjoy. This specific ad is NOT a 'DIY Kit'.


This blaster is assembled from a 3-D printed PLA plastic and is then weathered. We've learned alot over the past few years and we took all that knowledge and put it into our work. I also includes a blaze orange barrel plug if needed.  Alot of love goes into this process and I believe it really comes out in the final product! The results may vary slightly from item to item. This is a made to order product.

Imperial E-22 Blaster Rifle Rogue One Star Wars Custom Replica Pr

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$382.47Sale Price
  • The E-22 double barrel blaster rifle, also known as the E-22 blaster rifle, was a reciprocating, double-barreled blaster that was bigger and more powerful than the standard E-11 blaster rifle used by the Galactic Empire's stormtroopers. The E-22 saw use during the Age of the Empire. It was commonly used by coastal defender stormtroopers stationed at the top secret Imperial security complex on the tropical planet Scarif and mudtroopers stationed on the planet Mimban