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Introducing our custom-made, 1:1 scale reinforced E-10 blaster prop. Crafted with advanced 3D printing techniques for durability and toughness. Choose between Premium and Budget Models. (See ad pic for surface differences).

E-10 Mudtrooper Imperial Blaster Star Wars Swamp Trooper Custom Replica Prop

$378.97 Regular Price
$284.23Sale Price
  • ● 501st Friendly
    ● Graphite Surface Effects
    ● 3D printed in high-quality PLA plastic
    ● Adjustable slide-out bayonet block
    ● Full design to be 100% accurate
    ● All real and accurate screws
    ● Adjustable stock butt
    ● Iron-sights
    ● Sliding spring parts
    ● Magnetic ammo clip
    ● Moving trigger
    ● Moving safety switch with aurebesh text
    ● Working glow-rod light
    ● Fully assembled with *REAL* screws
    ● Metal Spring
    ● Reinforced Internals
    ● Realistic weathered finish on both versions

    ● Includes blaze orange barrel plug for safety
    ● Made to order for a unique, one-of-a-kind piece

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