This is a made to order Star Wars custom Din Djarin's IB-94 blaster pistol replica prop with blaze orange barrel plug. This prop is assembled from a 3-D printed PLA plastic and is then weathered. It is built and then finished and weather and a high gloss metal effect is added throughout the prop to make it look like the original prop.

The results may vary slightly from item to item since this is a made to order product.

The Mandalorian's IB-94 Blaster Pistol Custom Star Wars Replica Prop

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  • Around 9 ABY, Din Djarin used this IB-94 blaster pistol in various missions in the Outer Rim. While on the ice planet Maldo Kreis, he used the IB-94 while fending off a group of trawlers at a bar, shooting the controls to the door that trapped and sliced one of them in half.